Just another unpopular opinion.

by MsDevinJ

I can’t really put my finger on it, or really describe my opinion or mindset on several “hot topic” issues present in our society. Such as gay marriage, healthcare, birth control/abortion, teen pregnancy, politics (specifically political party association) and government assistance. Being a college student with little “real life” experience, I am in no rush to solidify my opinion or stance on any of these topics until I have a broader perspective. (I live in Lincoln, NE trust me, there’s not much diversity here) Moreover, it’s a bit annoying (to say the least..) when people my age or even younger are so “sure” in their stance regarding these issues. As I personally believe they just adapted their parents beliefs, are going with the majority opinion, or haven’t done enough research to even have a substantial backing regarding the issues. 

Now, you’re probably wondering my opinion on these issues, or maybe you don’t care at all and are just aimlessly reading. Whatever your motive, I regret to tell you that I would never post such opinions online and here’s why– 

1. It’s not the place. Social media is not the appropriate forum to declare and argue these issues. Miscommunication is bound to happen and it just leads to more issues then there needs to be, truly. I won’t lie, I have posted an opinion or two on my Facebook page and literally each time I regret it. I identify as a fairly conservative person, and therefore my Facebook friends who identify and have more liberal ideals often will disagree with me, leading to a battle of comments. Such scenario leaves me in a tough spot, although most times I disagree with them 100%, I feel obligated to find a happy medium in the argument to maintain a sense of professionalism online. It’s silly really, but being that I am so involved and a well known individual, I’ve found it’s better to just keep some opinions to myself..

2. People don’t really care. That sounds funny, but it’s so impeccably true. People who trust Facebook pages or odd websites for their source of political and social issue stances, really don’t care about the issue they are just looking to bicker. These same people will use the most invalid and biased sources to support their ridiculous claims and want to argue about something they aren’t even invested in for hours on end. Avoid these people- unfriend, block, and delete! I’ve discovered that there are some people who just like to challenge your opinion, and while that’s fine (as it allows you to become more confident in your opinion) it can be extremely annoying! 

3. False perception. Being that one’s social media presence is often correlated with who that person “really” is we find that the quote,  “Perception is reality” holds extremely true. As stated, I hold some beliefs that differ from a vast majority of my peers, I have no motive to post or share such opinions in a social media setting because I wouldn’t want anyone to misinterpret my beliefs and as a result have a false perception of who I really am. Although we may disagree on a hot topic, doesn’t make me like or respect you any less.. some people have a hard time understanding that though. (Shame!) 

I suppose I wrote this out of irritation with the harsh opinions and rant that I often see as I scroll down a timeline of a social media site. Everyone (not really-lol) feels entitled to an opinion and think that they are the “expert” in their beliefs. There is always room to grow and expound upon a belief, don’t settle with just what you know! Explore and get diverse perspectives prior to settling in a particular mindset, especially at such a young age. Just because you can identify or stand behind a particular issue, doesn’t make your opinion the only one that matters. Be open to others, be open to grow, have an open mind my friends. 

As always,

Devin J